HughesNet or other Satellite ISP Update

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  1. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone is actively using satellite internet high speed service for trading?? I am not a scalper but I do use the Tradestation Order Matrix to pinpoint my entries and exits. I have searched here on the forums and found some info, but was hoping someone could give me some feedback.

    Reliability, speeds, etc.

    I would appreciate it.

  2. I have an in motion sat on my motorhome. I can't speak about thier land based product but I'm happy with the service I have. I also use a Sprint aircard as a backup ... or vise versa. I track and chart 30 - 50 symbols with no problems and order exe. is fine. As far as speed goes I get on average about 750 - 1.3mgs down and about 400 up which is about entry level broadband.
  3. Thanks. I appreciate the info. I know that rain and bad weather will be a problem, but my cable modem loses power now in bad storms so for me, that is not a huge issue.

    Trading in an RV. Hmmm.
  4. I had tested one system with average 600ms ping time to; 2mb down/500 up and the system is stationary setup.
  5. So you just tested it and are not actually using it? Do you remember which one, which brand, company?
  6. I've had problems mainly due to not having a clear shot at the sat but rarely from rain and such. Thunderstorms are a problem.

    Trading from my coach was only a dream a few years ago but it's a reailty now and it's only getting better ... or worse depending on how you look at it as sometimes I can't help but monitor positions when I supposed to be relaxing but being able to clock some $$$$ during times when I used to be flat is pretty neat too.
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    You are truly living the American dream, my friend.

  8. It's been a dream for many years. Son is out of college and making it on his own and my wife fell in love with the idea after a succesful 2 month adventure that both we and our marriage survived. Here a pic.
  9. That's a nice pusher.
  10. Does anyone watch streaming video on satellite. Like Bloomberg TV? What is it like?
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