Hugh Hendry blows up

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  1. 11 Mar 2009

    Hugh is buying government bonds, shorting stocks and "can't buy enough dollars." Taking the contrarian view to the majority of speculators creates opportunities, Hendry added. "Gold, silver, I'm shorting them right now."

    Inflation will become a reason to worry for authorities again at some point, but they should think about combating deflation right now, Hendry said.

    "It is coming back in the future. All I'm saying it is just an unprofitable proposition at the time," he said. Betting on inflation is as if "we got a new book and we've read the last page. But if you read the entire novel, it's a different journey."

    Hugh was getting a bit arrogant these days... Let's see if he survives.

  2. He's not blowing up at all, what are you talking about ?
    If anything he's up huge today with his treasurys holdings.
    And he's been right about shorting gold til today, my bet is h'es covering right now.

    He's a great investor and very entertaining to listen to for sure, he just sucks at PR (or maybe not so, but he says he scares everyone to death), dresses like shit more often than not and doesn't know when too much is too much.
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    congrats, you're part of the endless stream of children who inhabit this site who need to create false topic headlines in a desperate attempt to get attention. many of you idiots actually post about counting the page views- like you're jerking off as you refresh your screen, 'look mommy, 800 views; they noticed me. they love me. why didn't daddy love me...'.

    hint: you only post a topic 'Hugh Hendry blows up' when/if he ever does and you have a link to a credible story. btw, so you understand, i actually disagree with his view on inflation. not the point of my rant- it's your idiotic and inaccurate attention-craving topic title that you, and your ilk, use to 'get noticed'. oh, and, btw, being long long-term treasuries was a pretty good place to be today- dolt.

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