huge white candle

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  1. I said this morning..a +300 point rally on the dow

    just keep buying till the close.

    also note the volume surging

    I'm almost never right
  2. We will give it all up by the end of the week.

    Why are people buying today? Because the grand messiah Obama said it is a good time to buy? Please...........
  3. note the word 'almost'
  4. Famous last words of a piker.
  5. textbook dead cat bounce

    short any and all rally attempts as soon as trend reversal.
  6. You are almost NEVER right...
    you stupid moron..
    Get fucked..
  7. If 'almost' means that you lost 90% of your paper trading fund, rather than the whole 100%, okay.

    You almost lost the entire value of a basket of stock picks from just 16 months ago.

    Congratulations. You have much credibility.

  8. Allen3


    You are amazing in so many ways. Not least of which is your endless delusional optimism. I think you are a great joke on the trading community here. You've got that broken clock thing down pat, unfortunately there are 11 other hours in the day. Amazing staying power. :D
  9. S&P still needs to rally 21 points to be EVEN for the week.
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