Huge volume on C & SPY options...strategies?

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  1. Been researching and noting that C and SPY are consistently #1 and #2 in total daily option volume.

    What in the world is the deal with C leading in option volume? Really blowing away all others except SPY in option volume? The underlying C stock hardly ever moves. How are traders making $$ cash trading C options? Because someone is obviously trading them...look forward to the experience and insight of traders trading C...or even SPY...thanks in advance...
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    C is up 25% in a month..
  3. You're being sensationalistic. "C" only went from 4 to 5. :(
  4. I am talking about daytrading C options or 1-3 day at most C option trades...not old school "buy and hold" for one month C option trading...
  5. 1) Oh God! You're back. :(
    2) Stock trading volume and option trading volume go hand-in-hand. :cool:
    3) With a cheapy stock such as "C", you're better off to daytrade it instead of its options because they'll move too slowly off the bid/ask. :)
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    Good point. C is a poor candidate because its intraday volatility is lousy but if a stock is < $5, it's a better trade it than its options.
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    There are probably a lot of bag holders hoping to make back the $50 they lost in the '07-08 fall by writing OTM covered calls.

    :D :) :p
  8. this implies that you got a "fat cash bag $$$" to trade C stock takes less $$ cash trading options to make significant money...
  9. Please stop pissing in this sandbox. The OI and volume is not predictive of anything beyond liquidity.
  10. Hysterical!!:p :p :p
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