Huge UNFAIR increase of prices for data of NYSE stocks

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  1. I just heard today and if you use an API, that the fees for NYSE data is going to go up an ASS load

    my broker told me it'd be around $5000 / month w/ the NYSE open book. It's not for sure but he said it'd more than likely go through

    and around $1800 / month for just NYSE data

    has anyone else heard this?
  2. What broker told you that?
  3. Genesis
  4. thats good. fuckin black boxes are destroying the markets will billions of messages
  5. Holy shit!!!!!!!!! Why?

    Do you have some kind of link? This doesn't make sense. Why would the NYSE even contemplate doing some thing like this? I doubt regulators would let the NYSE get away with. If you have more info please post.
  6. I just heard about this today. I wish I had more information but I don't
  7. You got it, they turned all major stocks into a giant arb.
  8. whenwood


    Poor babies. Don't blame your lack of success on black boxes.
  9. bespoke


    lol @ you guys. if this is true (which I highly doubt it is), you think this will stop blackboxes? it'll only stop the small guys who aren't making more than what the fee costs. just a drop in the ocean

    oh ya, and i heard nyse is trying to decrease volume too..... .
  10. This makes no sense.
    You really think they would cut out a huge revenue stream like that?

    The majority of the black box trades are done by a small percentage of extremely high volume traders who can easily afford this.

    So they would end up cutting out the 95% of the other guys who are numbersed in the thousands, all paying fee's to NYSE trying to trade.

    The end result would be a huge drop in data profits, with almost no reduction in trade volume.
    If they were stupid enough to try this, it would get quickly reversed.

    If anything, they should lower all their fee's and get even more trader-wannabe's firing orders all over the place, and sit back and collect the risk free money,
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