huge slippage on IDEALPRO

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by KS96, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. KS96


    Yesterday (16/Sep), on IDEALPRO:

    sell-stop at 0.7961,
    filled at 0.7910 at 23:33:33 CET,
    51 pips slippage !!! (0.64%)

    sell-stop at 0.6559,
    filled at 0.6538 at 23:44:30 CET,
    21 pips slippage !! (0.32%)

    I got stop-hunted and ripped off for good.
    Got filled at the worst bid showed up
    in their "Time & Sales" around those times.
    Oanda didn't show so low bids.

    No problem according to customer service.
    Draw your own conclusions.

    I opened a trouble ticket and waiting.
  2. Cybren


    trading FX on Ideal Pro is trading on a ECN.....with all advantages and disadvantages. Using stops and market orders on a ECN certainly in market conditions right now is asking for this kind of slippage. Trading on a ECN had advantages, but so has traing just through Oanda or any other MM.

    I can assure you IB was not hunting any stops.
  3. KS96


    That's right. The "liquidity providers" are hunting stops.
    IB should protect the customers from this kind of
    fishy games, imo.

    Come on now... 51 pips slippage in AUD during a
    dead zone can only be one thing.
    Even Oanda had much better bids at the time.
  4. def

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    How do you suggest IB protect you? We don't provide your stop information to anyone. I'd suggest you use stop limit orders or better yet, if you can monitor the screens, manage your trades manually. Alternatively you can change your trigger config. The markets have been very choppy and you've got to judge the liquidity available if and when using market orders.
  5. KS96



    Please explain the following:

    According to Times & Sales (I attach a screenshot),
    my AUDUSD stop should have been triggered
    at 23:33:30 CET, when the offer went <= 0.7961
    for the first time and the bid at that time was 0.7937.
    You also show bids of 0.7939 and 0.7945 right after.
    Yet my stop gets filled 3 seconds later at 0.7910.

    Someone must be held responsible for at least the 27
    pips (from 0.7937 to 0.7910).
    Are your systems maybe too slow?

    If you can argue that nothing is wrong here,
    then I will rest my case. (I just added this extra
    info to the trouble ticket, btw).
  6. Read about how their stops are triggered and then start trading FX futures.

    This nonsense about FX being the most liquid market in the world is one of the biggest lies perpetrated on the trading public I have ever seen.

  7. KS96


    Read my post first before you start typing.
    Did I say anything about FX futures?

    My stops are set to trigger on bid-ask,
    and the problem I described is real.

    Do me a favor and let someone else more
    knowledgeable reply.
  8. I think I have discovered your issue, you don't have any reading comprehension skills.

    I'll translate:

    Read about how their stops are triggered and then start trading FX futures.

    What the previous sentence means is:

    Check to see how their stops are triggered (end of action) and then (and then meaning after you have read the stop policy) start (start meaning to start something new or do something you were not previously doing) trading FX futures.

    In simpler terms it means get familiar with their stop triggers because they are based on how options trade rather than how equities or fx trade and THEN forget the FX bullshit and trade FX futures and you won't have that problem.

  9. KS96


    oops... It seems I hurt your ego.

    As I said, do me a favor...
  10. moarla


    agree with you, John_Wensink...

    FX is a non regulated market like futures...
    even if IB is a ECN who will guarantie you a good fill?? there is no exchange, where your curr. is traded, there are only some banks and liquidity providers, buying ans selling...

    trading futures, you will not have those problems... :)))
    #10     Sep 18, 2008