huge rise in right wing hate groups since obama election.

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  1. evidence of this on et:

    For white supremacist and radical right-wing groups, the data is especially troubling, and made all the more apparent by the fact that a black man was elected president, Potok said.

    "This very real and very significant change is represented in the person of Barack Obama. We've of course seen the most remarkable growth in the radical right since 2008, precisely coinciding with Obama's first three years as president," he said.
    According to the SPLC, the number of radical "anti-government" militia groups increased from 150 to 1,274 during the years of the Obama presidency. There have been more homegrown domestic terrorism attacks by right-wing groups than by international terrorists during his presidency as well, Potok noted.
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    Lets see you try and blame that on Bush.
  3. Ah, yes, yet another one liner, so well thought out. Is this perhaps the 20th time you've used this one? How big of list has your team leaders given you to draw upon? Why bother thinking?

    You make us Rep's look bad when you cannot come up with complete thoughts to counter easy arguments. Maybe ask for some help with the hard stuff. Couldn't hurt.
  4. Although not a an Obama fan, as noted. This whole thing is very troubling, the hate group phenomenon. One of the things we pointed out in our little treatise. When either side becomes so full of simple hatred, without rational thought, nothing good can develop. We are supposed to be of one thought, the thought that we are Americans. Right or Left, stop the hatred before we have another civil war.
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    "Arguments" like this

    Or did you think you could post stupid shit like that and still be treated like an intellectual?
  6. As I posted, I need to stop since it's starting to sound like I'm bullying you, not my intention. Not fair to fight with someone like yourself. You even said you found the video entertaining, right? But, I guess that was several minutes ago. Hang in there, I'll not be tormenting you much, just having some fun now. Sorry for that.
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    Yeah it was mildly funny, so what? That doesn't prove your silly accusation that it accurately represents me. And you're not "tormenting" me dumb ass, you're just haughty arrogant and self delusional enough to think you are.
  8. "I know you are, but what am I?" LOL,.
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    So you're amused by Pee Wee Herman. And you want to be taken seriously?
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    Max E.

    Funny how the rise of the right wing hate groups since the election also happens to perfectly coincide with the rise of the left wing mobs that are destroying property all over the country, it also happens to perfectly coincide with the epidemic of young black mobs who are running around the country, lynching white people, and looting stores.....

    But no one on the left will ever put 2 and 2 together, and come to the conclusion that this is the inevitable result when you have a president who constantly engages in Class warfare, and tries to split people up, along, both economic and racial lines.....
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