Huge rally in the making. Shorts are now bankrupted

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Nice knowing ya
  2. Would you condescend to give us peons a reason?
  3. I see a post like this and it makes me want to get short as fast as I can...

    Unfortunately this time I think I agree, the next couple of days will take it higher
  4. huge
  5. cover now while you can still feed your families
  6. Looks like the whole world is covering right now right here, my screens are going, what a rush.NOT!........zzzzzzzz
  7. Funny, today I finally got back on track and made some cash. And ALL trades were shorts!! Go figure.
  8. Nice realtime call, mkt did exactly the opposite of what you said, i read longhorns said you are the best contrarian indicator on ET, seems he is spot on! :D

  9. Enough said,

    this site has gone to hell.

  10. It never fails.....

    You are sooooooooooooooo bad. :D :D :D
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