Huge Rally in PGM Metals Today!

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  1. You need to read the bloomberg news why the PGM metals rally big time today! The reason is looks like the Russians are going to stop exporting platinum and palladium!!! Once the Russians stop selling platinum and palladium, the international price of these two metals will skyrocket. Both Japan and China has listed the PGM metals as their critical strategic reserve metals. Every one will panic buy.

    Which will be a huge boost to PAL and SWC, the ONLY two major PGM producers outside Russia and South Africa.

    It's really ridiculous that the crooks push PAL to multi-year low while the PGM prices are breaking multi year high!! If you believe that not every one has become insane, you must study PAL and buy some while it is still dirt cheap. It could be the easiest double in a few weeks.

    There is absolutely no good reason for PAL to drop from recent high of $12.65 to now $3.45, lower than book value and lower than annual metal sales. For God's sake this is a mining company thatproduces some of the most precious metals in the world!!!

    This is absolutely ridiculous and an absolutely opportunity to buy at the low for some quick profits. :cool:
  2. exposed in the second comment....BRAVO!!

    Mon Nov 26thIt is a tremendous disappointment to see that Seeking Alpha has published another article without vetting this author and the facts presented.

    The author of this article, who goes by multiple IDs has been widely known as a MAJOR SPAMMER especially for the stock SWC. Just go see the Yahoo Stock message boards for SWC.

    He uses the IDs of ii2000426, tellurium_investor, jj2007pd46,
    silverbutter, and a few others on Yahoo. His main ID was jj2000426 which he deleted once it was clear other posters were exposing his horrific results by referencing his old posts there. He is known by JJ on the boards and from his blog.

    He uses multiple IDs to make posts, reply to himself, and rate his own posts.

    So one basic question has to be asked before listening to a poster like this.

    What legitimate person finds the need to delete old IDs?

    Further, what legitimate person has the need to maintain multiple IDs to actually reply a further pump up threads?? (And yes, I actually have proof of threads where he talks to himself but forgets what ID hs is on.) Here's one:

    He has pumped and SPAMMED numerous boards, blogs, and even a church blog for SWC for the past year. The stock has gone nowhere. JJ bought into SWC at around $16... yes $16!! It has moved over 60% against him. This guy has ZERO risk management, no clue how to actually invest and yet, here he is, dispensing advice.

    He got in to NEW (mortgage company) early this year and incessantly pumped it. Every other day, he was "laoding up" on the stock or "backing up the truck." Needless to say, NEW went BANKRUPT (see NEWP). In addition, he now finds himself stuck in FSLR. He has been short since about $100 and currently FSLR trades over $200.

    According to his own admissions, almost 100% of his portfolio is invested in 2 stocks in a small niche sector (PAL, SWC). Would any one of a sound investment mind, put all their money into just one sector??

    Look, all I am saying is BUYER BEWARE. This is a post by an investor, and I use that term loosely, who is unethical and most his positions (SWC, PAL, FSLR) have moved over 60% against him. He also bought into at least one stock that I know of, which went bankrupt.

    I have been monitoring him on the many Yahoo boards he posts, to warn unsuspecting readers.

    If you want more information, contact me on one of the above mentioned boards; unlike JJ I use the same ID as I use here.
  3. Look at how bullish the price chart of platinum is:

    It's rather stupid that PAL should drop from recent high of $12.65 to now only $3.45. With this kind of metal prices, PAL is going to see huge quarterly profit in Q4, 2007!!!

    Mind you, PAL now is trading BELOW book value, and also BELOW anual metal sales revenue. No mining company deserves to be traded below book value. You liquidate everyting above ground, and you get the underground mine for FREE? That's rather ridiculous.

    Buy PAL while it is dirt cheap:
  4. You really need to study the stock, not the person.

    PAL is a screaming buy. PGM metals rally big time today and they push PAL to the low? It's ridiculous. you know Wall Street some times do ridiculous things. But that's where your opportunity is.

    Want to make a quick double in a few weeks then load up PAL here. Seriously. There was a time I tell folks to sell PAL at $12.65. Now is the time I tell you guys to buy at 3.45.

  5. whats is weird to me that you responded to his post in only seven minutes ??? and your post is not very short and has a link to this guy posts at yahoo so you either superman who works at CIA or you both scam
  6. wasn't my post brainchild - was cut and pasted from the "comments section" of the article ( oil) go get your shinebox!

    Timmay is probably driving this guy out of business :D
  7. Instead of speculating on who I am, isn't it better for you to study the stocks? You buy and sell stocks, not internet IDs.

    Read this to see why PAL and SWC are very worthy long term investments. Why there will be a super bull in PGM metals:

    Especially spend some time watch this YouTube video, and then try to understand the relationship between cold fusion and palladium.

    Don't forget about fuel cell. Bush has been pitching it all the time! Hydrogen economy. That is.
  8. no - it's definitely better to focus on you
  9. If you are really interested in me. I have an internet legend that in 2000 I shorted NEWP from $80 all the way to $200 and I sticked to my gun and covered everything at $60-ish. NEWP now trades at $12-ish.

    I invest based on valuation. I am not a day trader.

    Now go back to study PAL. The platinum and palladium metals have been bullish and I expect them to continue to be bullish. So PAL and SWC will be an excellent long term investment, especially when you can load them at such dirt cheap prices:

    Be sure to watch the fun YouTube video.
  10. ...and you're proud of that AWFUL trade?

    You are a moron if you actually brag about that as being a good trade. You could do that right 20 times in a row, and the 21st time when it doesn't stop going up will blow out your account.

    Nice "investing" strategy.
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