Huge level on S&P500 e mini

Discussion in 'Trading' started by renegade trader, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. notice that the es500 has only closed once under 1325 on the march contract. At the ending of the day the market always closes above 1325.
    1. either its manipulative buying and if we close below this level we should lose another 10%
    2. bernanke and co. will come in and do another surprise rate cut

    I know a lot of people want to trade from the short side right now just becareful. because BIG BEN has shown that he does not give a fcuk about crushing the us dollar

    this might be the scariest time in history for all the markets!
  2. balda


    on 1-22-08 S&P closed at 1310
    not sure about ES
  3. yes thats the only day that it closed under
  4. This guy has S/R levels for S&P down pat IMO. Well worth the price of the subscription (free lol)

    Updates every day too - seems only too obvious - after watching his vids.