Huge Gas Leak in Manhattan

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  1. Get ready for something to happen. Gas vapors everywhere.
  2. that was me.... my bad... damn chili

    i dont see this news - link please
  3. yup,the smell is enough to gag fort lee....PSE&G asked the schools to close every other words barricade yourself???
  4. does this mean when I go out now for my cup of java

    I need to hold my breadth ?

  5. If the gas leak is this bad, all it takes is a small spark or flame to set off a huge explosion. Small buildings have been leveled on much smaller gas leaks. Its pretty serious.

    We'll be pretty lucky if nothing comes of this and hopefully its not some terrorist activity.
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    no way. can't smell it here in the village. it's a leak that is not going to explode...the dissipation of the gas won't let it blow. not enough concentration.

    kindy of scary though...especially when the mayor of jersey city said it was manhattan, that's scary when someone in jersey has the nerve to say that new york stinks. :D
  7. super grover market doesnt care anyway.... potential explosion in manhattan - lets rally the dow up 50 pts... crazy not to!!!

    i love it...
  8. question... how can you tell there is stink over the normal stench?
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    I noticed your girlfriend's jeans were zipped!

  10. your mother:)
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