huge gambling underway, let's do a poll

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ziddey, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. ziddey


    Bunch of stocks to do something with before the close today and hope for the best tomorrow at open. short or long.

    Let's see. There's the BBBY. Historically not so good as people mentioned but from what the analysts are saying, maybe it'd be the sole one good this time. Possible buy?

    Finish line (FINL). low volume usually. I don't know much anything about the company besides that gut tells me to short. Anyone?

    Family dollar (FDO). probably ok to buy

    And lastly, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, UTSI (UT STARCOM). This one I feel is the most dangerous and also has the absolute most potential. Let's see what we've got. Today, it released a little bit of good news and went up almost 6% to around 6.50. But that scares me in the fact that usually companies report "good" news a day before the fact to try to buffer the bad news ahead. Earnings were also delayed I believe. News seems to suggest a good future but hell, I don't know. So I see two scenarios. First, let's say it's bad news. It'd fall maybe 2 dollars down to around 4 or so. If that were a short at 2:1, that's be almost 66% gain. Conversely, with a 2:1 long, it'd be a 66% loss haha.

    Then there's the other situation. If it's good news, it'd probably go up 2-3 dollars landing it at 8-9. That'd be a 100% blowout for a 2:1 short and I'd be bankrupt. But in the event of a long, that'd be a good money doubling with even a 2:1 margin.

    Real tasty in one scenario but the blowout is also scaring me half to death (as well as the 66% gone).

    But at the same time, this looks like the best one to speculate in. Poll poll poll!!