Huge Gains and A big Question:

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    The link :

    The Word:
    Don't you think there's a very good reason for this feeding frenzy? Absolutely! Because it's ultra-lucrative.

    Well, it's time for YOU to get in on the act too. Don't think that because big banks are trading this there's no room for you. Quite the contrary! As I'll explain shortly, this Insider Code works PRECISELY because of all this activity from the global investment banks.

    We're going to hitch a ride on their back and snatch a slice of the pie right from
    under their greedy snouts. It really is like robbing banks legally...!

    A few hundred years ago, the Spanish Armada constantly sailed back from South America laden with treasure after months of hard work, exploration (or was that exploitation? Whatever!) and traveling. Then quite often, pirates intercepted a few stray ships on the way back and helped themselves to the loot!

    Well, that's exactly how I see myself and my few lucky apprentices...

    ... We will help ourselves to cash on the back of The Establishment...

    Slowly Siphon the Cash Out and 'They' Won't Notice

    I don't want to draw too much attention to myself though; I've already explained how upset the Establishment would feel if they knew I was blowing the whistle, even if it was only to a few people. So we won't go for the 'big one' by taking big risks. I only take a 'little' - a few hundred dollars each day.

    If I took more, I might get noticed. And anyway, that sort of trading mentality is for amateurs... people who like to lose. No, far better for us to siphon the cash out, nice and easy, day by day. I clear a tasty 2-3 hundred bucks a day on average...

    Now, that may not sound like much, but if you make $300 a day it equates to six grand a month... NET!!!

    The link :

    Q?: Someone knew about it ?
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    LOL. Youre not based in Nigeria by any chance?
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    Lol, not, it is a link which I received in my mail !?
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  5. Nah man, he's probably operating out of China on this one. :p

    These guys never quit, and never will. :mad:


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    Great deal, its less than $2000. Is this a special price for us? How long will it last?
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    May be is just about options,... scalping the old spread (5ç) with 70 contracts.

    Or something else doing with currencies swaps.

    I will dont pay for that.
    But may I would like to obtain your opinion.

    signé artes, [FR]
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