Huge Freaken Wimps or just normal guys?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TGregg, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. TGregg


    So I run across an article about dating that includes this quote:

    WTF!? I may have asked one friend on one occasion when I was a lad, but no more than once. Certainly never "terrorized". And sure as #@*& never even asked after I graduated from college. I wasn't a Don Juan in school, but I sure could tell if a girl liked me.

    I mean, WTF?! Could you imagine John Wayne whining and shaking like a little puppy, saying to everyone who'll listen "Do ya' think she likes me? Well, do ya'?" It just doesn't work. So what do you think? Is this just the purse-toten', mascara wearin' metrosexuals or is this the average male (across age groups) in the States?

    Most of the guys I hang with are far more secure, but that could easily be a bad sample.
  2. you start terrorizing your friends with this question: “Does she like me?”

    Sounds like "terrorizing" your face book friends, or twits. Maybe the article was about internet bs and not real life.
  3. Eight


    I think that the ones that really like you will try to kill your other girlfriends, no? I hate when that happens but it's part of modern life, welcome to the third millennium...
  4. spd


    That quote is utter bullshit.

    If she comes to my house and takes her pants off, she likes me. Other than that its nobody's business and I could care less of their opinion anyways. If she doesnt like me, there are plenty of others out there.
  5. No matter what age you are??? No, I think you only ask that in jr. high school and maybe some in high school. If someone is asking that question after the age of 18...yeah...huge wimp.