HUGE (ES, YM,DAX)SELL-OFF tomorrow, August here...

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  1. today is "short" set-up for tomorrow, August here...anyone considering the following for tomorrow:
    Crude Oil

    Here is why...the YM,ES and DAX soar on "really nothing"...once market digests the FED wording and no rate out..serious sell-off tomorrow...also with fresh Oil EIA numbers, supply concerns hit again and Gold, Oil soars...HUGE SELL OFF TOMORROW...AUGUST 6TH...
  2. balda


    There is nothing to digest.
    Everything FED said or did was expected.

  3. dumb.

    Don't fight the trend.
  4. S2007S


    The fed actually is worried about about inflation, wow, who would have thought, didnt they create it.....

    :p :p :p

    long QID

    or short NDX at 1859.00
  5. bad "news item" overnight..something out of Europe or Asia or these FED words are more looked out below...come on shorts...some one back me up!
  6. Sounds like a well researched hypothesis. Looks like you did a lot of homework here and have an equivalent amount of experience as to how markets work. Thanks, I'm shorting the bank now.:D
    (Think I'm finally starting to understand how makloda feels).
  7. S2007S


    Didnt I hear this when oil was at 140+ and natural gas at 10+.....or even when the DOW was at 13k+....sometimes you have fight the trend....

    dont fight the trend??????
  8. yea, I remember that thinking...signed...yours truly,
    Nasdaq 5000 in year 2000...remember me?
  9. S2007S


    I did, added a little QID at NDX 1859
  10. S2007S


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