HUGE equity rally ahead?

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    My gut tells me we are setting up for a big rally over the next couple of weeks.

    Bears, bears... Come on out of your cave and tell me why I am wrong.
  2. I'm not a bear since I am all long but there are many great fundamental reasons why the rally would be full of crap. A simple look at the economic state of US would give you the real view. That means actually reading the economic reports and seeing how full of sh*t they are. But the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. PPT makes sure of that.
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    My feeling is that the rally is not being driven by fundamentals (not micro, nor macro) but by an environment of "BUY, BUY, BUY". Whether it be stocks, corporate debt or hard assets.

    A liquidity fuelled rally, if you will.

    In this environment I think stock prices can surge.

    Who is going to sell?
  4. My personal view that the bears were covering before options expire but thats just my view......tha and fed cpi and ppi data wasnt that bad.
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    In a nutshell:

  6. true today bears getitng skinned. we go higher to bewilder all as the sane person says we should be crashing. but over the next few weeks we'll get hit hard and they'll blame oil and gold. awlays the same game screw all at firs thrne reverse it
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    Forget looking at gold, oil, rates when trying to guage equities for the moment. These factors do not matter.

    If you are looking for signposts for a future correction then amoung other things look to small cap stocks.

    Broad mkt WILL NOT CORRECT until small cap stocks get whacked. And they ain't gonna go down until the HUGE flow into ETFs comes to halt. Until then small caps are going to the moon -relatively speaking.

    Strap ya' selves in 'cause this rocketship is about to BLAST OFF!
  8. Wait till earnings are over for true market direction. I think this is just pump and dump. Market ignoring oil and gold because it's convenient.
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    We're gonna party like it's 19,90,9.......

    Yea, some of y'all think my exuberance marks a top.....

    Go ahead then. Sell some spoos short. Not risky enough? Then sell some IWM's or ER2's. If you dare!

    We're gonna party like it's 19,90,9.......
  10. Hum lets see, hows this for some bear spin. Look here folks the Dow has been in the news alot lately wall street is banging their drums that the Dow is at a 5 year high.

    But in reality the Dow is up 533 points over the last 26 months thats 4.7% in over two years. Wow lets see how gold is doing.

    I can get 5% on a six month CD at HSBC.
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