Huge Econ News for Israel

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    Israel to become center of new 'oil and gas rush'

    A top US energy industry expert believes Israel is going to soon experience an "oil and gas rush" by major Western energy development companies.

    Speaking to the Israeli financial newspaper Globes, Fred Zeidman said the recent discovery of a massive natural gas field off Israel's Mediterranean coast had drawn the attention of every major Western energy company.

    Israeli companies Delek and Isramco have already tapped the natural gas field, together with British energy giant Noble Energy. Zeidman noted that quite often, "as soon as Noble goes to a place, many other companies follow in its wake."

    That could mean an enormous economic boom for Israel and its transformation overnight into a major international energy exporter.

    The natural gas field in the Levant Basin (the western Mediterranean) is estimated to hold 122 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas, making it the largest natural gas resource ever found. The area is also believed to contain at least 1.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

    I just love how God [Yahweh] oversees things and when even the USA is faltering on wisdom ... well ...
    He provides ... Simply awesome !!!
  2. Yes very good. I believe one of the reasons America has not failed yet is because of the money they give Israel. But now Obama is in office trying to help the enemies of Israel. America has decayed as a society. We are a nation of porn watching, homosexual loving, baby killing theives that steals from whoever they can in the name of progress. I think God is about done with us. The fact that he is starting to supply Israel with all the help they need says this nation is probably going under soon.
  3. Indubitably ... check out the link for a video #2 ...

    Shows an uncanny relationship between how America treats Israel and
    apparent judgments on the USA.

    [You have to wade through some religious idealism, but the vid is valid]
  4. Great.... bronze age mythology meets economics. You're both wack jobs.

    Where was Yaweh during the holocaust?

    On vacation?
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  8. Preparing the land of Israel for their return. Do you really think that the UN would've voted for a partition in favor of a Jewish State had there been no holocaust.

    Many people may have said "where was God?" when Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. Alot of time passed before Gods plan came to be. In the end, Joseph ended up saving his family from the 7 years of famine that spread throughout the land.

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    peoples true nature shows by what comes out of them.

    I am so thankful that you bump this post up so that others can see such great news however.

    Thanks again! :D
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