Huge earnings reports after the close, GOOG, IBM, INTC & MSFT

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    Im sure each company will do better than the next pushing the Nasdaq to 2850 tomorrow!

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    google missed

    Very, very unusual....

    $9.50 EPS est was for $10.49
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    GOOG down $55, they said it was suppose to be a great quarter due to holiday shopping season, guess not.
  4. pupu


    Never fear.

    One day of 0.1% correction tomorrow(worst case scenario, assuming intel missed too) and then back to to crazy rally!


  5. Soooo

    Google Misses

    MSFT barely meets target, misses on all revenues except Xbox, windows sales horrible

    IBM missing on revenue, beats target by 7 cents

    Is it money going from google to MSFT and IBM? I dont feel the later two should be up what they are right now
  6. IBM = $14.85 a share pure profit a year

    What are you valueing this kind of huge cash inflow at ?
    You do know that most of that cash goes to straight to increased equity value right ?
  7. Ok, MSFT has roughly 5.7billion in net income last quarter, vs Apple's of 6.6 billion, yet AAPL is valued almost twice as much as MSFT. Why? Growth.

    According to your hypothesis MSFT and AAPL should be valued on the same level...
  8. I thought you wanted to know why IBM stick price was going up after hours. I stated why. If you need more help try to be specific in your questions. If you are thinking about shorting IBM, be careful shorting solid companies with growing earnings.
  9. I did and do. I just felt felt your answer doesnt explain it fully. I shorted IBM at 194. Took some profits at 179 and now stop to be
  10. I'm in MSFT @$25.50. Been holding at this level for a few years now. Its been a long ride but I'm finally seeing this stock hitting mid $30's by the end of the year. Its been long overdue !
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