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  1. who agrees with rest of earnings this week, economic news..that a HUGE correction is likely...anyone agree?
  2. I didn't make a sizeable short bet, but I went to a very large CASH position....
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    I'm short. Too MANY bulls.


    There must be certain indications that you normally pay attention to that confirm your bias, otherwise that bias is just that. It's like if you were 65 years old & if an average age of a human being is also 65 years, would you be ready to put on your white slippers or would you opt out to become a true coffin dodger & just take every day at a time & simply wait for your body to tell you when something is wrong :)
  5. No..I am serious...look at the charts...way heavy on the upside...the ec news tomorrow and the be huge move to downside tomorrow or by weeks end...any comments?
  6. I got my first potential "sell" signal on this rally today.
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    Form - what are we looking at - why a sell signal?
  8. Hey...let's get all comments on this...we are at a very serious point...seriously...could be HUGE move to downside this week or even higher up and then BIGGER downside...very seriously yours...IncreaseNow!!!!
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    same Q to you as to Form --- why.

    I have been long QID off and on for the last two weeks. No + or - so far, but I just do not have the balls to carry long QID (an inverse QQQQ play) overnight .

    What do you guys see that indicates BIG move down?
  10. When people are scared to short, maybe this is a reason to finally be short!

    Regarding my prior chart, it just shows some customized oscillator signals that I use that are "pre-programmed" on the chart. It doesn't mean the market will definitely go down -- but the signal today at least suggests some caution is now warranted with this rally.

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