Huge collection of 52 Trading/Investing videos/DVDs

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  1. Clearing some bookshelf space in the office:

    Huge collection of Trading & Investing videos, DVDs 52 Videos!

    These are all original VHS and DVD titles, not copies.
    Shipping/Handling (large box) $25 within the continental US.

    Titles include:
    Trader 2000 Part 1 (VHS)
    Trader 2000 Part 2 (VHS)
    Day Trading with Gerald Appel (VHS)
    Trading System Development 101 (Joe Krutsinger) (DVD)
    Trading System Development 102 (Joe Krutsinger) (DVD)
    Trading System Development 103 (Joe Krutsinger) (DVD)
    Video Course on Technical Analysis (Martin Pring) Lesson 1: Basic Principles of Technicle Analysis (DVD)
    Video Course on Technical Analysis (Martin Pring) Lesson 2: Price Patterns (DVD)
    Video Course on Technical Analysis (Martin Pring) Lesson 3: Support, Resistance Trendlines and Moving Averages (DVD)
    Video Course on Technical Analysis (Martin Pring) Lesson 4: Momentum, Relative Strength and Volume (DVD)
    Video Course on Technical Analysis (Martin Pring) Lesson 5: Mechanical Trading Systems and Correct Investment Attitudes (DVD)
    Securities Training Corporation Series 7 Video Learning #1 Markets and Regulations (VHS)
    Securities Training Corporation Series 7 Video Learning #2 Bond Concepts (VHS)
    Securities Training Corporation Series 7 Video Learning #3 The Municipal Bond Market (VHS)
    Securities Training Corporation Series 7 Video Learning #4 Fundamentals of Options (VHS)
    Securities Training Corporation Series 7 Video Learning #5 Advanced Option Strategies and Margin Accounts (VHS)
    Securities Training Corporation Series 7 Video Learning #6 Investment Companies (VHS)
    Taking Advantage Of The Markets With Quant Research (Agora Financial-Dean Albrecht) (DVD)
    Three Tricks, Two Traps, and One Truth - Real Help for Traders and Investors (Agora Financial-Dr Barton) (DVD)
    How to Capitalize on Inflation, Commodities & a Wartime Economy with just one play (Agora Financial-Steve Belmont) (DVD)
    Trading Natural Resources in a Volatile Market (Agora Financial-Kevin Kerr) (DVD)
    Five Trading Trends of 2005 (Agora Financial-Dan Denning) (DVD)
    Disciplined Trading - How to Trade your way to financial freedom - Van Tharpe (DVD)
    Winning Methods of the Market Wizards - Jack Schwager (DVD)
    Timing Models and Proven Indicators for Today's Markets - Nelson Freeburg (DVD)
    Sector Trading Strategies - Turning steady profits even in stubborn markets - Deron Wagner (DVD)
    The Systematic Trader - Maximizing trading systems & money management - David Strendahl (DVD)
    Becoming a Disciplined Trader - Ari Kiev (DVD)
    Precision Trading Techniques - Strategies for combining volume, time & velocity - David Nassar (DVD)
    Technical Analysis for Short Term Traders - Martin Pring (DVD)
    The Short Term Trading Course - David Nassar (DVD)
    An Introduction to Trading Futures Online - Russ Waldendorf (VHS)
    Beating the Bear - Short term trading tactics for difficult markets - Jea Yu (VHS)
    Spotting Price Swings & Seasonal Patterns - Jake Bernstein (VHS)
    Core Trading Tactics - Oliver Velez (VHS)
    Cut Your Trading Taxes In Half - Ted Tesser (VHS)
    High Probability Chart Reading - John Murphy (VHS)
    Proven Chart Patterns - Key indicators for success in todays markets - Chris Manning (VHS)
    Staying Alive - Trading defensively for maximum profit - Mark Cook (VHS)
    Micro Trading Tactics - Oliver Velez (VHS)
    Developing a Winning System for Trading High Performance Stocks - Tim Cho (VHS)
    Trading Simplified - Using high probability trading techniques to create a winning system - Stan Kim (VHS)
    Trading The Moves - Consistent gains in all markets - Ed Downs (VHS)
    Option Trading Tactics - Oliver Velez (VHS)
    Nasdaq Level II Trading Strategies - Mike McMahon (VHS)
    Day Trading Smart Right From The Start - Trading Essentials for Maximum Results - David Nassar (VHS)
    Advanced Strategies For Option Trading Success - James Bittman (VHS)
    Targeting Profitable Entry & Exit Points - Alan Farley (VHS)
    Lessons From The Trading Trenches - Tips, Techniques and War Stories - Lewis Borsellino (VHS)
    12 Simple Technical Indicators That Really Work - Mark Larson (VHS)
    Top-Ten Rules for Successful Trading - A Pro's Private Collection - George Kleinman (DVD)
    Trading System Building Blocks - Proven practices to build, test and profit with winning trading systems - John Hill (DVD)

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  2. jsmooth


    wow thats a lot of trading, did all those videos turn you into a profitable trader?

  3. Honestly, No. And there isn't any video or book that will in my opinion. That being said, I subscribe to over 10 trading publications, and over the years I have accumulated over 200 financial books in my collection. I enjoy looking at any material I can get my hands on, even if I get only a glimmer of useful info out of it, I'm happy. It takes a lot of work and an open mind to succeed in this business, and that requires a serious commitment and a willingness to learn and go through large amounts of information. So it's true, books, videos, magazines, nor academia will make you profitable, but they are useful tools in your journey to get there and if taken in that manner, are certainly helpful.
  4. forexasia


    some vhs videos looks outdated
  5. Drew07


    I think you'd have a lot better chance of getting rid of those if you split them up some.
  6. Well said. Do you have a minimum on ebay? Current bid is $81 which is giving them away. There are a few I would be interested and if the bidding stays this low I will take a shot at it.
  7. There's no minimum/reserve, and they're all going in one batch...I really don't want to spend the time splitting them up. It's a good chance for someone who is just starting a collection or who doesn't have much and they could always sell any unwanted items to recoup some cost.
  8. Please PM regarding offer.
  9. TraderJohn68 bought the whole boat for $500...