Huge call volumes in VZ and T today...

Discussion in 'Options' started by smile, Jan 5, 2012.

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  3. Wow, $140MM in T 29C. Must be dividend related.
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    Today, Fri., 1-6-12, no evidence of the huge Jan. 2012 monthly call volumes in VZ and T that were listed both on IB options brief page( under options analysis in Elitetrader) and

    The total volume for all strikes yesterday was about 5 million contracts for each. No evidence of it today in open interest. So, apparently there was bad data or they were all closed before the end of the day.

    Question: Does a daytraded options contract open and closed in the same day count as 2 contracts traded in the volume???

    There is evidence in the volume on bigcharts option charts of 29 T call... look at the volumes in the afternoon.

    Both VZ and T paid around a .50 dividend today, so presumably that was the reason for the huge volumes yesterday.
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  6. Sure, my pleasure.
  7. Yep Dividend play. JPM had the same think over the last week. Pretty genius way of collecting a dividend. Options are where its at.