Huge buy at 12:05 AM. Must be a new bull market.

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  1. Nice move in futures on no news.
  2. I was wondering about that too but it is very likely that there were many stops above 900, so once price went above 900 it jumped to 902 in a minute.
  3. Not much; Just bunch Nigerian rebels start working on oil pipeline again.
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    Nice move higher tonight while the country sleeps. Might be because of the Asian markets, if you are buying the dips you should be selling every rally.

    Aside from that a close below 880-875 a drop to 800 is very possible a drop below 800 and 779 is in the cards.
  5. one man's rebel is another man's liberator

    one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter

    there are so many expressions like that,

    have you seen any of the Frontline (PBS documentaries) regarding the abuses wreaked upon the Nigerian peoples, those who did not benefit from the corruption, monies reaped from the deep well oil drilling just offshore (within 2 miles of the active coastlines)?

    fishing grounds deveasted, depopulated, polluted and incapable of sustaining farmers, fishermen or fish stocks?

    have you seen the reports of acid rain, sufficient to wear huge holes in corrugated tin roof shingles?

    any human worth his salt would have pity on those poor peoples neglected by their government, and those paying off their representatives as well as the corruption actively engaged in by the oil executives just to get the military to protect their drilling activities....

    wonder if those conditions would be tolerated if those were Isreali shorelines?

    wonder if those conditions would be tolerated if those were Florida shorelines?

    wonder if those conditions would be tolerated if those were Hampton shorelines?

  6. wow, so there are other traders up early trading with London in anticipation of the NY opens,

    couldn't make sense from the news on Bloomberg TV neither for the overnight strength.

    what's your news source?
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    Good Analysis..........

    Dont know where u from but very happy someone out there has common sense to analyze the issue..........

    Have you noticed how the so called vandalization of the niger delta went off the news stream when oil was approaching £35 now is close to $70 for no reason and they and there friends in the media need to justify the moves.

    Reuter reporters knows of pipeline explosion before shells knows it. cant imagine that kind of a lie.........what happened to pressure monitoring controllers.........?

    I wish crude could go back to $10/bbl......... but i know its only a wish.....goldman and the rest would have to give up making money for that to happen

  8. start a thread interesting enough with proper and active links to these documentaries so that the rest of us can be humanized...

    the oil issue will always be presented always from these perspectives:

    1) there is never enough to meet the insatiable demand
    2) there are more countries, automobiles and such coming online to demand even more petro
    3) there's always some incident, a secretary gets a papercut and the pipeline has to shutdown, reasons
    4) significant investments in alternatives, renewables and such will have no dent in the pricing structure of oil
    5) nothing you, your country, your region or anyone else can do to lower oil prices...

    sounds familiar?
    you actually mentioned some of these too....

    what a game....
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  10. Looks like that trade was prescient.
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