huge bond move

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  1. huge bond move. +2 25/32 as i write. i cant remember ever seeing a move that big before. sombody big is on the wrong side of the bonds.
  2. someone knew something ... or got word before everyone else

    Treasuries flew before 8:30 am

    even before FX , Gold , Stock Index Futures blinked
  3. cnbc said greenie gets the number the day before. maybe we should have someone check greenies friends/family out.
  4. Cutten


    I'm shorting them now.
  5. Should be followed by huge equity move. Because many would be wrong on both.
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    Covered the bonds, its going back up again.
  7. It looks a bit scary, I think it's hard to catch it with stop orders if big orders are ahead of you.
  8. weeeeeeee
  9. And Abbey Joseph Cohen was the only person to call for a long bond yield of 3.85% or lower.

    Congrats to Abbey.

  10. I just spoke to someone who has blown up today morning, he was so convinced about the bond direction that he had a major wager on it. He kept saying this is free money and sure trade till yesterday and was actively convincing others to take position.
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