Huge Anglo-Saxon gold hoard found

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    I wonder if a gold bug is going to say that this is all part of a conspiracy to keep the price of gold down.
  3. I prefer Afro-Asiatic gold hoards, but to each his own :cool:
  4. Oh wow, and the guy who found it got nothing out of it except some publicity. What a moron! Should have kept that sh*t and sold it on the black market.
  5. Yeah, a whole 11lb of old gold artifacts that are priced on their numismatic & history value is a major force in the gold spot markets.

    Are you just bitter that you cannot even afford a simple gold ring, let alone an ounce?
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    I think its kind of sad. There is an untold story of extreme human tragedy behind that gold. 1300 years ago, someone new something catastrophic was coming into their little world, so they buried their wealth in the ground, hoping that if they survived the catastrophe, they'd be able to retrieve it later. Since the gold is still there, we know that they didn't.
  7. Who told you this?

    By law the state has to pay the finder at market price, there are certain criteria like it has to be above a certain weight etc. this fella is a rich man
  8. Treasure is defined by the law as any gold or silver objects, or coins, more than 300 years old which were deliberately hidden.
    Under the 1996 Treasure Act, any treasure found in England and Wales belongs to the Crown.

    Anyone who finds what they suspect may be treasure must report it to the local coroner within 14 days of discovery. If they don't, they risk a three-month jail sentence or a £5,000 fine.

    If an inquest declares that a find is treasure, it is offered to the British Museum or a local museum who has it officially valued by an independent board of antiquities experts. If they want the find, they must pay the market value of the treasure to the finder and/or landowner. If they don't, the finder can keep it.

    Normally, any treasure belongs to the landowner. However, a landowner can agree to split the reward with a metal detector enthusiast.

    The collection is currently being held in secure storage at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, where a selection of items will be displayed from today until October 13.
    After that a treasure valuation committee will value the find.
  9. Wrong. The guy who catalogued the find says this is almost certainly booty taken by a nobleman/fighter from vanquished enemies. It was either stolen at some point and hidden in hopes that it could be retrieved later, or perhaps the owner hid it and was then killed before he could tell anyone where it was.
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