Huckabee VS. Obama

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who would you vote for in November?

  1. Huckabee

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  2. Obama

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  3. wont vote, or possible candidate from third party

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  1. In November, if the choice is between these two, which one would do you think you would vote for?
  2. with a crap choice like, that its third party all the way :(
  3. Huckabee, but only by the narrowest of margins.

    I don't buy half of what he says and I disagree with him on just as many issues as I disagree with Obama on, but there are a few key factors that sway me.

    1) Obama really has less experience than any candidate in the field. I'm amazed that people are even voting for him considering his resume. Don't get me wrong, the guy is articulate and the ideas he presents are fine. He is only two years into his senate term and has already spent more time campaigning than serving as senator. Not to mention the fact that senators already lack executive experience when compared to governors. Obama is only getting votes by default. America wants something different than what it currently has. He is the embodiment of non status quo.

    2) I have zero confidence in his ability to serve as commander in chief. Let's be real. That is really the main duty of the president right now. I have no confidence in Obama's ability to handle the war appropriately.

    3) I don't think that abortion should be outlawed, but partial birth abortion definitely should. There is absolutely no rational reason for supporting it. Anyone who sees one performed and says it isn't murder is in complete denial and is being incredibly stubborn. There might be one case in 1,000 or more where a choice needs to be made to either save the mother or the child in which case the mother's life might be chosen, but the exception should not be the rule. The fact that we have partial birth abortions in a country as "civilized" as this makes me sick.

    Anyway, Obama voted against a ban on partial birth abortions.

    4) I am very much against the idea of re-instituting high tax on cap gains and others. I support someone who says they are going to reduce governement spending, not raise taxes to balance the budget. Our problem is that we spend too much, not that we tax too little. Even now the average american pays around 40% of their earnings to tax of some kind. That is beyond ridiculous.

    Personally I can't believe that anyone on these Trading boards is supporting higher capital gains taxes.
  4. going to be a tough decision time for people like you:

    Ernie Dumas writes: Mike Huckabee raised more taxes in 10 years in office than Bill Clinton did in his 12 years.

    Huckabee tax increases

    - Imposed an income tax surcharge of 3 percent on tax liabilities of individuals and domestic and foreign corporations (Act 38, 1st special session of 2003). (It was temporary until revenues improved. The legislature repealed it in 2005.)

    - Increased the sales tax by 1/8 of one percent by initiated act (but it was a personal campaign by Huckabee, who campaigned across the state for it and took a celebrated bass boat trip for 4 days down the Arkansas River holding press conferences in each river city to urge passage of the act)

    - Increased the sales tax by one-half of 1 percent (Act 1492 of 1999)

    - Increased the sales tax by 7/8ths of 1 percent and expand the sales tax to many services previously exempt from the tax (Act 107, 2nd special session of 2003)

    - Collected a 2 percent tax on chewing tobacco, cigars, package tobacco, cigarette papers and snuff (Act 434 of 1997)

    - Levied an additional excise tax of 7 percent on tobacco (Act 38 of 1st special session of 2003)

    - Increased the tax on cigarette and tobacco permits (Act 1337 of 1997)

    - Increased the tax on cigarette and tobacco – cigarettes by $1.25 per thousand cigarettes and 2 percent of the manufacturers’ selling price on tobacco products (Act 434 of 1997)

    - Increased the tax on cigarettes by 25 cents a pack (Act 38, 1st special session of 2003)

    - Levied a 3 percent excise tax on all retail sales of beer (Act 1841 of 2001 and extended by Act 272 of 2003 and Act 2188 of 2005)

    - Revived the 4 percent mixed drink tax of 1989 and added a 4 percent tax on private clubs (Act 1274 of 2005)

    - Increased the tax on gasoline by 3 cents a gallon (Act 1028 of 1999)

    - Increased the tax on diesel by 4 cents a gallon (Act 1028 of 1999) Note: Contrary to what Huckabee has said repeatedly in debates, speeches and TV shows, the 1999 gasoline and diesel taxes were not submitted to the voters and approved by 80 per cent of them. It was never submitted to a vote. It was the governor’s bill and it became law without a vote of the people. What the voters did approve in 1999 was a bond issue for interstate highway reconstruction but it did not involve a tax increase. Existing taxes and federal receipts were pledged to retire the bonds.

    - Increased the driver’s license by $6 a person, from $14 to $20 (Act 1500 of 2001)
  5. Maybe, but I don't mind some of the taxes he instituted. IF there must be a tax increase, taxing tobacco and alcohol are better than taxing income IMO. I'll take a consumption tax increase over a cap gains or income tax increase any day.

    Huckabee isn't my first choice and I don't think he will get the nomination anyway. He'll make a valiant effort to get through super tuesday though. But when McCain and Guliani are pulling much larger numbers after Florida, and Romney is still getting 20-30%, Huck's finances will start wearing thin.

    I've gone back and forth on who I like best on the Dem side. First I was Obama, Edwards, Hillary.

    Now I'm more Edwards, Hillary, Obama.

    I like Hillary in financial terms, but disagree with most other views. Besides that, I simply don't trust her.
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    Cash Landing;
    Agree with much of that,M Huckabeee wasnt my first choice , but King Solomon wasn't running nor was Ronald Reagan or Jesus Christ.

    Like Dems like Zell Miller, but he isn't running either.

    Dr.Pat Robertson personaly, not corporately ,endorsed Rudy;
    like the way Hillary has so many negatives like Jezebel-probably makes her un electable.

    If Dr Pat Robertson made a mistake to endorse Rudy,that remanins to be seen;
    probably vote for Huckabee , rather than Obama.

    And what if the choice was between 2 REALTORS;
    Obama or Hillary, would pick Obama, more trustworthy/kind than Clinton. Too bad it's about more than Whitewater real estate.:cool:
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