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  1. I just watched Wolf Blitzer inerviewing Huckabee. The guy is a powerhouse - a God fearin Christian who can talk a blue streak. He's the Truman of '08. He'll kick ass in the big debates. He talks off the top of his head better'n even Ron Paul. This guy won't need no speech writers or spin doctors concocting any image to sell the people. Huckabee is the people! He's a God fearin workin man who executed tons of murderers!

    This guy is tough and smart. He'll go all the way.
  2. he is a chicken hawk war monger. he lied about his theology degree. he helped get a rapist off who went and raped and murdered again. his son hanged a stray dog at boy scout camp when he was 17. huckabee fired the cop that handled the case who didn't "help huckabee" with the little problem. he wanted to give illegal aliens free tuition money.

    if he really wants to have any chance he needs to run on the socialist party platform. oh wait... then his being a Baptist Preacher becomes a problem. oh.. and i almost forgot.. he is a contributor to the CFR's website.


    Huckabee Jr Dog Killer
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    don't forget this honest preach'in man tried to steal $70,000 worth of furnature out of the governor's mansion, and he registered in a wedding registry to get around the political gift laws (his wedding occured 25 years prior)

    with preacher huckabee, you dont get a politician you can trust, you get a politician you cant question

    (note the vertical stripes in the pic)
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    If somebody really believes in the 21st century that our world was created 6 thousand years ago by GOD , this person should not even allowed to vote/ for the lack of mental fitness/ let alone run for president tdezp
  5. But those were GOD YEARS! Heed not the counsel of Satan - he who speaks in many tongues including the language of science. Brother Huckabee may be a thief, a liar, and whatever else.. but stack that up against him as the Lord's champion in these Godless days of rape, incest, sodomy, and toilet stall graffiti...
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    I dont think we should be worrying about the devil, we should be worrying about the super-devil. He's about a foot taller, and rides a flying motorcycle
  7. If Israel endorses him he has a shot at getting the nomination. I don't think he can beat the Democratic candidate that Israel endorses.
  8. why not support the real thing? RP
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    God years is a new concept ./?/
    How can we translate it into common years? Is it counted from the big bang/13.7 Bill. years ago/ or from the earth formation 4. some Bill years ago?
    We need to know that if we want to use it as a time measuring instrument. tdezo
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    Lt701 , You're right. Devil is a piece of cake for us compared to cheating, lying ,stealing, war mongering politicians. Easy to spot them. All of them super religious.Still we can not get rid of them.That church going crowd is an easy prey. tdezo
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