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  1. The man has yet to spend a day in office and he's being compared to the greatest men that have ever lived. I wonder if the useful idiots in the press realize they're setting him up for a huge fall.
  2. I heard this story.

    On an inner city bus, a black kid got on and only had half of the fare. he was short 50 cents. He asked the bus driver if he could pay when he got his check cashed.

    The driver said "no" and would not move the bus and told him to get off. Back and forth went the dialogue with eventually the rest of the minorites yelling to just let him get on, it's not coming out of your pay. The bus driver refused.

    The elasped time so far is about 5 minutes or more while the driver called the dispatcher, meanwhile people are yelling, "this shit is gonna stop when Obama is in office". I mean they were dead serious with the chanting, etc about Obama.

    Finally someone gave the guy 50 cents and the bus continued on its way.
  3. Are you serious? The sad thing is, most people seem to have voted for him for those type reasons vs the actual issues that concern us getting nuked, bankrupted, etc.
  4. Obama is going to quadruple our debt.

    He could decide to start paying it but he is voluntarily increasing it.


    I love it how you correlate Obama being a good thing for our debt.

    It truly shows how much of an idiot you are.
  5. Obama is two termer, and since he has inherited the most difficult situation in recent memory, he will get great reviews if we can just break even over the next 8 years.
  6. Whereas the Bush era only cost a mere $11.5 Trillion:

    And before you go all 9/11 on me about costs, don't overlook the fact that Richard Clarke made clear that the W administration dropped the ball after serious warnings from the departing Clinton administration about mounting intelligence regarding Bin Laden wanting to do Americans harm on American soil, possibly having to do with aircraft...
  7. From someone else who heard the story?

    (And, no doubt, the story was originally foreseen by Nostradamus. :D )
  8. Break even is a pretty high bar, all things considered...for reasonable people. The press and leftists are not reasonable people.
    I'm just sayin', the same people that fall all over themselves when Obama enters a room are the same people that will bitch the most when their completely unrealistic expectations aren't met.
  9. LOL

    I don't support Obama and sure as hell didn't vote for him....I have no clue where you got that idea from.

    Shows what an idiot you are.
  10. Fair enough. But how about a bit of quid pro quo? At least admit that there are those who are already blaming Obama for all of the country's woes, and who will not come to terms with the baggage that the outgoing administration has placed upon the country.
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