Hubert Senters, TTM, Tradethemarkets possible rumour.

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  1. Hi all

    Can anyone confirm the following rumour?

    I heard that there was a mass exodus from the TradetheMarkets trading room recently because when Hubert Senters made a call people could hear him playing games in the background and I guess for $300 per month (or whatever it is now) they expected better. I am not sure if the call was a good one or not or even if the story is true :).

    Can anyone shed any light on the matter?

    Many thanks

  2. I would say this is false.

    I am not standing up for Hubert Senters, but Hubert and John Carter run a respectable service compared to most.

    Other than stealing their indicators from the TradeStation forums and putting their name on it.
  3. Id find that hard to beleive...I know hubert and he is as hard working as they come.
  4. I hear that is a crime where he comes from. Lock him up and throw away the key...:p
  5. I play games too while trading in the morning.

    But I'm fully automated so I could also be playing golf if I wanted to.

  6. nkhoi

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    I heard Spyder playing some flash Games too, shame on them :D
  7. Neet


    Games or no games I question the integrity of those guys.

    Indicators that can be found for free for the price of a round trip to the Bahamas?

    Stupid strategies like the Squeeze?

    Rather ridiculous pricing for just about anything in their arsenal.

    Legal thieves as I like to call them.
  8. I think HS is pretty concientious and dedicated to the room. I was surprised to see they want to charge 3 k for a two day online seminar though.
    Hard to beat when u have 200-300 participants(as they claim) paying $300/mos. for access. For that amount,I'd be a damn good teacher. :)
  9. feb2865


    So waht's the big deal on playing games while you trade??

    Maybe it has something to do with some mental edge...who knows??

    As to me I don't see anything special in the way they trade...just a bunch of everyday lagging/leading indicators...

    "the squeeze" what's the other one?? ah scalper buyer/seller oh please!!!

    charging 3k to teach how to use them is criminal in my opinion
  10. traderob


    Its only $60,000 - $90,000 / month they get from the room. The money is probably secondary, they must be doing it to give something back to the trading community.:D
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