Hubert Senters' Squeeze Play Strategy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocon, May 22, 2005.

  1. stocon


    Looking to buy or trade.Hubert Senters' Squeeze Play Strategy.
    Does anyone have experience with this strategy?
  2. who is hubert senters?
  3. gekko


    You can get the same indicator "Squeeze Play" for free on Tradestationworld forum.
  4. montejee


    yes you can find all the TTM indicators for free at tradestation forum.
  5. I like his training, Hubert Senters, he is a very astute, and successful trader, and a great trainer, his group is having a Seminar in Las Vegas in December.

    I suggest you sign up at their site, a lot of introductory offers and free stuff.

    Also, do a google search for Hubert and his articles come up on Active Trader Magazine.
  6. K-Rock


    Is there anyone actively using the subject?