Hu steps down, new team of leaders take over in China

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  1. Profiles: Who are Xi Jinping and China's six other new leaders?
    5:52AM GMT 15 Nov 2012
    Vice-President Xi Jinping was on Thursday appointed chief of China’s military after a pivotal party congress that saw him become head of the ruling Communist Party.

    The appointment means outgoing Chinese leader Hu Jintao stands down as chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) – a powerful position that his predecessor Jiang Zemin had clung to for two years after Hu was made president.Xi will be named national president in March as part of what now appears to be China’s first clean transfer of power for two decades.

    Xi Jinping
    Age: 59
    He then studied chemical engineering at Tsinghua university and joined the army upon graduation. His path to the top has taken him through almost every level of administration in the provinces of Hebei, Fujian, Zhejiang and saw him briefly run Shanghai.He also developed a reputation for cutting through red tape. he has closer ties to the West than his predecessor, Hu Jintao. His first wife is thought to live in England, the daughter of a former Chinese ambassador to London. He has a sister in Canada, and his daughter is studying at Harvard university.

    Li Keqiang
    Age: 57
    Li Keqiang boasts a PhD in economics and is one of the few top Chinese politicians to speak fluent English. A school friend remembered Mr Li as a bookworm who had read Sun Tzu's The Art of War in primary school and was "a man of strategy". During the late 1970s he is reported to have translated a book by Lord Alfred Denning, the British judge who wrote the 1963 report on the Profumo Affair.

    Yu Zhengsheng
    Age: 67
    Yu Zhengsheng is the "princeling" party secretary of Shanghai, a trained engineer who spent his university years learning how to manufacture missiles.Mr Yu studied ballistic missile engineering at the Harbin Institute of Military Engineering and claims to have spent 24 years working as an engineer before going into politics.

    Wang Qishan
    Age: 64
    Wang Qishan is a former financier who helped untangle a multi-billion dollar banking crisis in Guangdong province.
    Seen as a problem solver, Mr Wang is one of China's most respected politicians, and was described by Henry Paulson, the US Treasury secretary, as "bold, decisive and inquisitive, with a wicked sense of humour".

    Zhang Gaoli
    Age: 65
    The party secretary of the booming northern city of Tianjin, Zhang Gaoli is a statistician by training who rose up through the Communist party while working at a giant oil refinery.
    After becoming the party secretary of the Maoming Petroleum Industrial Company, Zhang served as the deputy governor of Guangdong province and then as the party secretary of Shenzhen, China's richest and arguably most advanced city.

    Mostly engineers, including a missile engineer.:D
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    Our country has rejected engineers and is busy destroying the engineering profession entirely.
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    Entertainers make more than engineers.

    In ancient Rome actors were considered very low class citizens. Today they're revered and grossly over paid.

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    I suppose Rome didn't have any "community organizers" at all.

    Then there is Harry Reid. I don't suppose he would have lasted very long in the Roman Senate. :)
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    Obama better make a trip to China and bow to this new group of Chinese leaders.
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    There are people he hasn't apologized to or supplicated to yet.

    But the US doesn't seem to care if the Chinese don't show up at the Treasury auctions because we seem to be buying up our own bonds. The Chinese can just watch us do the job for them I guess.
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    Bernanke is buying up all the Treasury bonds he can get his hands on for his retirement. :D
  8. Here is the SNL video of his last trip....!watch/110317
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    Yes they are highly intelligent and capable leaders but their English is very bad !!! A few guys in ET always think those people who can't read or write English is dumb and stupid !!! So i guess to them President Obama is the Best and the Smartest Guy among the world leaders !!! :D
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