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    No expereience with them and they do look interesting for the very high volume and self directed futures traders. In fact that is what they state on their site.

    It appears that they are limited to the financial electronic exchanges. I.e. no real commodities.

    They are less than a year old, but seem to be worth a close look (check capitalization) if you trade a bunch.
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    Offer TT for 500 a month...will let you use trainer with unlimited number of contracts for as long as you like, TT itself only allows 2, backed by big money no worry about funds in acct, they are a fee I think 2k a month w 4 20 inch dells etc plus charts plus tt but if u do 2k lots a month they waive handholding response time is longer than others, have no affiliation just what I found in researching the company. If any of the above points are incorrect please bring them to my attn...tia

    p.s. 500 intraday margin.......