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    Contrary to what "everyone knows," the truth of the matter is this: Congress could not, and did not, impose a tax on the income of most Americans, because of the strict limits on federal power imposed by the Constitution. Instead, they imposed a far more limited income tax, applicable primarily to income from certain types of international and foreign commerce, but wrote the law in such a way that it could easily be misinterpreted. The law itself is perfectly valid and constitutional; it is simply being misrepresented and misapplied by the tax professionals and government officials. As a result, tens of millions of Americans now make payments to the IRS based on the false assumption that they are just paying "their taxes." In reality they are being defrauded via the myth that the income of most Americans is taxable.

    Is this the ultimate conspiracy or what? Unlike harrytrader's conspiracy theories, this actually has something to do with traders.

    Whats your opinion on what this website says? If you beleive it, do you beleive it enough to act upon it?
  2. its probably true, but you could get dozens of lawyers and judges that would say its wrong, and 99 times out of 100 you would go to jail if you tried using that defense.
  3. the problem is, the language is so incredibly complex and vague that even experienced lawyers don't agree on what it really means. The bottom line is pay your taxes or risk jail time. However I have heard that if its a first offense, you could simply be forced to pay back taxes and penalties and avoid jail.
  4. hahaha not a conspiracy theory: It seems whe it deals directly with your pocket money you are more inclined to not consider that it is not a conspiracy theory :D Excuse me but saying "wrote the law in such a way that it could EASILY be misinterpreted" and "misapplied by the tax professionals and government officials" if that are not a conspiracy theory I don't know what is conspiracy then :D. Sorry but not applying a law systematically is completely out of law so are you saying that the governement is out of law :D

  5. its not a conspiracy theory because we all know the government wants our money.
  6. Hahahahaha your definition is very funny because Conspiracy exists in law and has been defined as a plot against the nation by a group of people and it doesn't refer to all knowledge or not :D. So if I understand your point of view if a group of people intends to take the power by force and that everybody knows it, it is not a conspiracy :D.