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    Next Merkel & Sarkozy bullshit press conference coming to a TV screen near you soon.
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    I have every confidence in RBS's ability to forecast the future. They are so smart, maybe the best in the banking business. :D
  3. Italy’s new government will have to sell more than EURO 30 billion of new bonds by the end of January to refinance its debts.


    If this
  4. tortoise


    Question #1: Is anyone long the euro?

    Question #2: If everybody is short the euro these days, how are they all gonna get paid?
  5. maxpi


    That Eurozone thingy was badly conceived.. so is Socialism..

    A common currency but each country having it's own debt, how was that ever going to work? There would have to be lots of political stuff to try to balance the flows of money between countries.. on top of that throw in a meltdown of socialism all over Europe [not to mention the rest of the world] because all the OPM has been spent, including the income of the third generation to follow...

    It will take a while for all the excesses to sort themselves out. China is going to have a Dollar, and Euro maybe, firesale, they quit buying US debt a while ago and their officials are talking about dealing more with internals to their borders than external problems of the world..

    China is a real mess. It doesn't make MSM broadcasts of course, China is a "perfect world" to liberals I'm sure. China has massive unemployment and riots, they indeed do have some internal problems to work out and can't be bothered trying to keep the US afloat...