Anyone Knows About them?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ChicagoRemote, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. Hey guys...I have been looking into incapsulating my strategy into a piece of software that I can lease to others. I want to write the code in Java and let others run it and utilize it.

    I have found that came up with this complicated java/C++/VB package that lets you absolutely do anything you want with the historical backtesting etc etc.

    Has anyone used their products?

  2. alain


    Looks very interesting.
    A little more documentation on what the products include would be quite helpful. Description is very general...
  3. MrPits


    First, I do not work for this company either.
    I've used their VBA package in Excel. TA-SDK is what they call it, and it was the September 2002 Futures magazine software review (that's how I found it). To save you the trouble, the review said that the documentation was slim, but the operation and accuracy of the outputs were excellent/perfect., and that "it raises the bar" for technical analysis accessibility. I use TA-SDK in Excel, and I found lots of documentation in the source code. So if you are looking for documentation, its in the source code mostly not help files. There are about 5,000 lines of VB code for some 60 technical indicators, and like you said its available in Java and C++ (complicated stuff). There is also a stock chart component for Excel that is better than the default one. its not all complicated... from within Excel you just hit Alt+F8 and there's a hole fricken load of technical indicators right there. I have no gripes about their products - support is great.