Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ProTrader1, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. What happened? Went here to sign up, they are not accepting any new trial subscriptions, they said something about reviewing their policy??

    Won't accept any paid subscriptions either.

    Anyone signed up??? How's the service?


  2. Thats interesting. I wonder if it was volume related or Townsend related.
  3. mjt


    I signed up for a trial a couple weeks ago. I was supposed to get a user name and password within 48 hours; it never showed up.
  4. I am still waiting on my password as well.
  5. ericdh


    Same thing happened to me, went to sign up and not taking applications. Also, never have answered an email from last week referencing the OZ scans, since they listed other realtick scans.
    I suspect that realtick didn't want them selling their 260 dollar pkg for 50 bucks
  6. toby400


    Seems they are to be taken over but by whom? Owner is a Swiss Bank. Browser based analytics to be replaced by stand alone version and broking service. However, more news will be forthcoming in later Jan. (Info taken from their boards)