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    New, fast, fact-packed. is intended as a resource for busy journalists and policy-makers who need the facts NOW. And hyperlinked to boot.

    There are no commercial tie-ins/advertising/upsells of any kind associated with this site. It aims to be a pure-and-simple advocate for truth. Period.

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  2. Spread the word -- The Financial Transactions Tax is a bad idea and we can show you why it's a bad idea.

    Contact your congressional representatives, brokers, fellow traders, news/tv/media, social networking websites, etc.

    Below is a sample email you can use to direct people to the new transactions tax website.


    Dear _________ ,

    Activists around the world support the Financial Transactions Tax (aka, “Tobin Tax” or “FTT”), claiming it would raise billions in revenues and promote social justice.

    As sincere as some of these activists may be, their story is missing important relevant facts.

    For example, did you know….

    • Desmond Tutu once supported the FTT, but now opposes it.

    • The Secretary General of the European Federation for Retirement Provision says the FTT is not a tax on Wall Street, but rather a tax on retirement savings and other “innocent bystanders.”

    • James Tobin’s co-author, Berkeley Professor Barry Eichengreen, says the Tobin tax is the “wrong tool” to raise revenues.

    • Denmark’s Economy Minister, Margrethe Vestager, says the FTT will damage the economy and “provoke major job losses.”

    To learn why a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds opposes the FTT, please take ten minutes to read “Straight talk about the FTT” at: .