any body no them?

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  1. just sent me an email to trade with them. 90% pay out 10-1 buying power, .001 fee.
    Are they for real or a scam where they keep your funds. Not much information on them when you google them. I thank you for any information.
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    knowp, never herd of them.
  3. WARNING! Read the Team Trading thread, at least the first and last 30 or so pages, and you will become very aware.
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    another thread for ElementTrading? looks like they prowl ET for potential clients.
  5. bstay:

    They don't need to prowl the ET threads, as they've been spamming all the former VCM/Team Trading clients.

    "Meet the new boss...same as the old boss", lol!
  6. That's probably because even after all the warnings and all the info out there about HLV and Velez you guys were still gullible (read stupid) enough to give them your money (and now paying for it, so to speak) and this outfit probably realizes that Velez traders are just the right group to fleece.
  7. TheBishop:

    WRONG! Most had never heard of HLV before they signed up, and are now much more aware of scams. Read the Team Trading thread, the warnings of these new scams are all over the boards, and those who are paying attention are unlikely to get scammed again.
  8. HLV and Velez, (and all their various incarnations), have been warned about for years (as early as 2006) and it has been all over the net. You people who signed up with his latest incarnation have no one else to blame but yourselves because the warnings were out there but you either chose to ignore it or were too stupid and lazy to do your dd on them first.
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  10. bstay,

    good point. many became aware at different stages. ONCE someone becomes aware of the various reincarnations of the LLC's, they are unlikely to be duped again.
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