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    any idea? how are they? no deposite, remote...
  2. Good luck.
    To be given access to this simulation you will have to pay a "refundable" fee of 300 GBP
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    thats the only catch..hence if anyone who tried it befoer pl post...but once u clear the simulation..its trading their funds without any deposite with remote access and 70% payout...
  4. I am sure they are after 300 GBP.
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    guess its too early to blame that they are behind 300GBP..they have clearly mentioned abt the non refund of the same if simulation is not cleared...and they are not asking for any deposite to trade real if simulation cleared...anyway best would if someone, who tried the simulation and passed it , can throw some light on this company
  6. Whatever Mr. pulsarcap
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    ha ha ha

    its not is full of shills who not only propogate their business entiry but also try to create negative opinion as soon as new firms comes online...when i first saw ur reply, it was obvious that you are Mr. of some sidey prop firm who is trying to create unnecessory negative opinion about other firms

    I am just trying to pass on info to fellow traders on something which i found through google ad. There is another like this which don't charge for simulation

    Now a hidden shill like you might call me Mr. gostx also ;-)
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    Why are companys looking for traders on the internet without seeing the guys face-to-face? Is this a new practice in this industry?

    pulsar, gostx, any other?
  9. Whether you're indeed a shill or simply random... this thing is a joke. The sim-account is the profit center. There is no intention of funding traders, but let's assume the intent it there, 900 Euro "lots"? That's not a joke?

    Therefore, if you successfully surpass the simulation WE WILL REFUND YOU the 300 GBP fee.

    lol, so if you don't hit a 4.0 Sharpe you can add insult to injury and kiss the $466 goodbye.
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    i can get a good anagram out of
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