. Is this possible? any one have tried it?

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  1. hkaddah


    The following is from the link above
    Daytrading Online Trading

    The Lazy Day Trader


    Our Chatroom

    $ 829,110.- profit last 30 days trading with 1000 shares.

    $ 82,911.- profit last 30 days trading with 100 shares.

    $ 67,000.- profit on April 18!
    (See Transcript April 18)

    $ 62,110.- profit on April 15!
    (See Transcript April 15)

    $ 54,000.- profit on April 12!
    (See Transcript April 12)

    $ 74,320.- profit on April 10!
    (See Transcript April 10)

    $ 37,160.- profit on April 3!
    (See transcript April 3)

    $ 36,480.- profit on April 2!
    (See transcript April 2)

    $ 20,090.- profit on April 1!
    (See transcript April 1)

    $ 41,190.- profit on March 26!
    (See transcript March 26)

    Any comment on this Chat room please.



    I just went to the site to check it out. If this guy was making so much money, why would he bother selling his "almost 100 percent" trading system on the net for a paltry $199 per month?
    It's the same scam as all the betting hotlines with "an 85% win/loss record."
  3. mbg


    sounds good

    i'll sign up for, say, 5-7 days, and take the rest of the year off.

    Better yet, I'll just trade 5000 shares at a time, trade 1 day, and retire!

    What a scam that must be
  4. IRAF


    I quickly browsed through the archived transcripts of their chatroom and it seems that their main guy goes by the handle G-MAN. I wonder if it's Goran Yordanoff from Chicago who used to write a daily article on the site.

    Does anyone know anything about it?

    Other than that, the site looks extremely cheap and definitely sounds like a scam.