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  1. Yahoo is missing several strikes; not sure what the problem is
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  3. Appreciate it guys. Huge help. Go Favre!
  4. Where would you like him (Favre) to go...home to Minnesota??

    Possibly to a nice retirement home?

    On a vacation in Tahiti?

    Away for good?

  5. I am pretty sure the reason is because everyone is updating their options symbol format. There is a lot of news on it, each of the brokers have information on it. Here is one from Schwab.
  6. Favre's an interesting guy, but there's a lot of things people don't know him. Obviously, he's one of the best quarterbacks to play in the NFL, but did you know he put himself through college selling short term premium in the S&P market via ratio put spreads. He's denied this allegation for years and years now, but everybody knows the real truth. I even heard a rumor recently, suggesting most of his wealth. came from a method involving the TED spread. This has been so taboo, I've never read one sentence calling him out by the press. Everybodies to scared, no one wants to touch it. Now, I can vouch for the rumor, that he co-wrote the majority of 'New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems' by so called "Welles Wilder' Heres the real scoop. He and Welles Wilder were fraternity brothers, back at Old Miss. There junior year, Wilder saved him from a very high tree he climbed during hazing. Farve never forgot, and gave credit secretely to Wilder for the guide and the creation of indicators including DMI, ATR, ADX. The truth is, these were all created by Favre who felt like he owed Wilder for the tree incident, and some other stories involving high ladders. There's even a backstory of a secret acquaintance he had with John Bollinger, during the time bollinger bands were created. Think about this, Favre jersey number is 4. How many days in a week, 5. Multiply 4 times 5 and you get 20. What's the default setting for bollinger bands. 20!!!!! A blind man could see it. Oh well, that's a whole different story.
  7. I told you long ago. Never use Yahoo for options data.
    i see that the same advice has been repeated here.

  8. I certainly remember all the times you've helped me over these past 2 years. You could have decided to stop after the first 1 or 2 newbie inquiries of mine on ET. But you didn't. Anyone now could check my history and see your ET name more times than anyone elses. So, I do appreciate your time and patience during this time period. Your websites large amount of teaching, and Options for Rookies and Create Your Own Hedgefund, have also been extremely insightful. I'm gonna stop here. People will start to think were dating.
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