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  1. needs to be 100% better organized imo... it still takes me more than XXX seconds to find the correct forum to post in... this is why i like to just post everything under the trading section and have the moderator move it automagically... i use the "find' command in my browser to whisk me to the correct location.


    there should be a better way to know if there were replies to a post... you'd probably have to hack th code to do this but it is hard to keep track.
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    Did ya notice the Yellow Folders that indicate new posts since you last logged in?

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  4. I think the forums on ET are very well organized. The thread topics (Trading, Stocks, Wall St. News, Economics, etc.) are very clear.

    In your profile you can activate email notification of new posts to threads you participate in, and the ET cookies will keep track of your visits and provide you with a folder icon for all new posts.

    The forums at are poorly set up. Too many catagories, and posts are in reverse order (original post last, last post first). Very screwed up forums over there.
  5. 1. I cannot think how the Forums could be better organized. You scroll down the Forums page and find the correct forum. It takes all of 2 seconds.

    2. So you are so lazy that you can't spend 2 seconds to find the right forum, but you expect the Mods (volunteers) to spend more time identifying your thread, figuring out the correct forum to change it to, then actually changing forums for that thread.

    3. What do you suggest is a better way to know if there are replies to your post. Would you like the mods to come to your door and inform you. Or how about a phone call.

  6. imo, displaying 2 or 3 columns of threads titles with smaller size letters (also moving the description of the forum above them) would be probably better than the current arrangement of displaying only one single column with normal letters. Just a thought.
  7. Please don't be one of the guys who is too lazy to look for the proper forum to post your thread. The Trading Forum is huge and annoying to look through already. You are creating work for the readers, the moderators and everyone in between.

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    I think its pretty obvious to any objective observer that Baron has added a number of redundant forums solely for the purpose of generating additional sponsorship.

    With the amount of traffic this site generates, I wonder how much money he would make if he started using google adsense.

  9. this is exactly what i was thinking.

    it is much more intuitive to scroll horizontally than to do it vertically. in fact, i could just expand the window across multiple monitors horizontally and see everything at ONE glance. (most traders have multiple monitors horizontally... the site would be optimized for traders, as it should already be).

    its about being more efficient, not lazy. *duh*. try to think outside the box. :)
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