HSI up 4.34% @ 9:19PM CST...WOW!!...read here

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  1. ASian markets are soaring...watch for huge ES, YM day tomorrow...wow...amazing!!!
  2. What is the IB symbol for HSI? When I try "HSI" it is quoted in Hong Kong dollars and says that I have to subscribe to an additional data service.
  3. Gotta thank the fed for a massive destabilizing melt up in global equities. way to go.
  4. 5.5% Now


    What a kickoff to ROFLMAO week!
  5. Bowgett


    They should just double every day. It is easier to count.
  6. Tums


    I recommend everybody to give it a try, if not real money, just sim it for fun. I guaranty it will be an eye opener. You will learn something new -- how to be humble, or be humbled.

    The symbol is HSI.
    The data is free, but you must fill up a form to subscribe.
  7. honestly...this is amazing!!!
  8. It's coming back down to earth now.
  9. I'd like trading it, I've been looking for something to trade at night. It trades in HKD though, right? What are the margin requirements on IB in $? Thanks
  10. if you would like to trade HSI (HSCEI or HHI.HK is even more scaring), pls note that tomorrow 30 Oct (HKT) is the roll-over day, therefore, it's better to trade Nov contract; also, beware of w bottoms, M tops, Trader Vic's 123/2B reversals, also, the big boys like to do stops run at high/low and then reverse in the opposite direction
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