HSI Traders, how you doing?HUGE gain/loss from the Craziness?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by inPeace, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. inPeace


    as title.
  2. only huge 1000 points gain here

    I leave 1000 point loss to LongHorns, he like
  3. inPeace


    those so brave to keep their long position from friday, it's 3000pt gain by now :eek:
  4. Hello, I am curious where I could find the broker to trade Mini Hangseng Index and Hangseng Index Option ?

    Most people said GCI is throwing away your desired price, manipulated it, is it true ?

    How about InteractiveBrokers ?

    Any other recommendation ?

    Thanks a lot ! :)
  5. ib ... assuming u mean you want to trade MHI
  6. Why would loss be huge if your stop is set?

    Only gain is huge in this high vola which is great.
  7. Hello, kiwi_trader ! :)

    Thanks for the reply, have you been trading with IB, is their fees good enough ? (If I'm not wrong their fees for MHI = HKD 17 per contract so it would be just around USD 4 per roundturn)

    When it comes to Hangseng Index Option --> is there "mini" size for the options ?

    --> Their minimum deposit margin is $ 5000 ?

    --> good overall performance ?

    Thanks a lot, I love Hang Seng ! :)