HSI --- the perfect market

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  1. Opened 39 points under yesterday lows (got all the stops on longs and any sell stops waiting for a drop).

    Then up 104 point in under a minute.
    188 points in 5 minutes.
    246 points in 6 minutes.
    272 points in 9 minutes.

    Can you feel the balls tighten on anyone who went short at open?
  2. LOL... I am not even trading HSI right now, but yes that is a squeeze even balls of steel would find a wee bit of a tuffie der ladie... crike...


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  3. Mate I have been trying to find a market in Oz time that so I can start having a normal life again and have been looking at the HSI and it is mental. People who wax on about the ER2 havent had a look at the HSI. Hats off to guys able to trade it with there own cash.
  4. great day
  5. joesan


    HHI is better today

    Well , I mean HHI was better this AM
  6. joesan


    sgxnk & K200 also drop resistlessly today

    a historical moment for my tiny account :D
  7. You want to see mental? Check out GBP/JPY, it dropped over 1000 points yesterday. I am loving the volatility.
  8. Yep I was only referring to futures but you are right some of the crosses had mental moves 600 pips or so
  9. I guess with today's wild moves many forex account went killed today going straight to 0.

    I keep that in mind each time i feel im not "winning" enough...
  10. joesan


    Many got killed, some get richer, this is the life, we have to learn to enjoy it either way.
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