HSI returns to normal

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by joesan, Apr 15, 2008.

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    The volatility in this market continues to decrease, the daily range has returned to comparable before August 2007, when the money from mainland China exploded to enter hong kong market due to a promising policy allowing chinese citizen to invest in hong kong stock market.

    but that policy did not materialize at last , and the china's mainland stock market has drop 50% from october 2007. Guess many hot money from mainland china had to be withdrawn due to the above reason as well as that the china's central bank tightened the cash bag to fight inflation and over-heated economy

    as the mainland money pulled out of HSI market, some old market patterns began to take effect more and more frequently. i learned many long-time players in this market shyed away in the past 8 month, maybe it is time to consider make a comeback, your familiar HSI
    game has been back !
  2. Thanks for the update joesan. If I get bored with my current two I might take another look at it.
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    how do you find stw and sgxnk, hope you trade them with success.
  4. They're good. It took a while to change after a couple of years on one thing but now I like them a lot. Learnt a few things about my strategy while changing too.
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    The "Through Train" was an exercise in manipulation, presumably on behalf of someone connected with the CPC. Wen Jabo Wotsisface even felt it necesasary to make a statement on a state visit to Nowhereistan to influence the market at a critical chart point to wrong foot people. Its on, its off, its on again, no its off agaion. Filthy cheats the lot of them (CPC).
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    they need some exercise in advance to the launch of the first mainland index futures contract, which has been delayed for a very long time.

    it's such a tragedy that during the catastrophic free fall of the market in the past months , no one can hedge their stock positions , let alone profit from it. 18,000 billion RMB ( or 2,500 billion USD) market value vanished , average chinese stock investors living in nightmares nowadays