HSI orders not respected. How to deal with it?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by CFerret, May 22, 2007.

  1. Have the following problem:

    once in a while my stop orders on HSI are not executed though price trades for at least several prints and well beyond it's price.

    I can't say it is always so, but it happens in about 1 from 4-5 orders. And of course I consider only orders that are marked as "transmitted" (blue for stops, green for limits) in my TWS. (I trade it through IB).

    As a result I jump back and forth trying to exit with all kinds of orders from MKT to LMT, often with no result for several tries.

    Today I even made some money because of this so to say "feature", but I definetely don't want these bargains in exchange for ruin of my risk management. :)

    I understand that it's not so liquid as major US futures and agree to take some slippage, but not being left without a stop-loss at all.

    Wanted to ask people who trade this vehicle - do you also have or had such problems?

    Good trading to all!
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    Same here when I was trading HSI (I was with IB as well).
    3 things here, in my opinion:

    1. order "transmitted" in TWS doesn't mean that the order has reached the HKFE system.
    2. the HKFE system is far from perfect (granted they've made substantial progress these past couple of years).
    3. how fast is your platform running IS key to this issue I think. In short we're not the only one trading...

    I'm not sure if pushing all the buttons and trying various type of orders till one works is a great idea.
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    Also, I assume you're running on their HK server right ?...
  4. Interesting.

    In thousands of stop limits and stops I have virtually NEVER had this happen to me. IB and TWS.

    What are your order settings. I am set to LAST for stop, limit and stoplimit orders. Also is your platform definitely getting to them to TWS ahead of time (I think u covered that). Finally have these been on TWS for more than a few seconds before the "event?"

    Flag it up to IB with specific times and your tws logs and let us know what they say.
  5. In "order defaults" on my TWS it is set to "default". Is "default" the same as "last"?

    And yes, orders are usually transmitted in TWS at least 30 seconds (usually couple of minutes) before they are triggered (or supposed to be triggered).

    I will do as you adviced - report the problem to IB and see what they say.
  6. I know that it was probably a stupid move, but at least I finally got out. It didn't look like it wanted to fill my order and you know in today's trading environment it's not very pleasant to be caught with a loser against such a trend. :)
  7. Got an additional information from IB support (BTW want to appreciate their quick reaction).

    They said that my account is on US server and time of my problem was around 0:00 EST so possibly all problem is because of US servers reset time and guess in general it's possible that my orders would work quicker and better if I was on HK server.
  8. A very long time ago I changed it to LAST because I wasn't sure what default might be today (or tomorrow when it might be different) and I'd decided that if a tick was detected past my stop I wanted OUT ... NOW!!

    Change it to last. Given I don't have the problem, default may require more than one tick beyond the stop, you may experience a rise in customer satisfaction.

    Edit: Yes, I'm on the HK server but I'd still change it to last ... unless you want your stop to behave differently.
  9. Changed to "last" and tried it on sim first. Surprisingly not only it fills everything now, but also slippage decreased.

    So at least this already helped.

    As for server I will wait with this switch cause US market is still primary for me, but in future if I switch to asian markets completely I'll probably change it to HK.
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    In thousands of stop-limits and stops,
    it did happen to me a few times (mostly
    at idealpro.) It usually resolves before I
    get to speak to a CR about it.
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