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    To the best of my knowledge the above index futures, the Hang Seng, DAX and Euro STOXX 50 do not publish the TICKI or TICK. Do you think these indicators maybe useful for these contracts?
  2. If your already using the TICKI and TICK in trading the U.S. trading instruments and your profitable via such...

    Of course if the DAX and ESTX50 or Hang Seng had such types of market breadth indicators they would be useful.

    However, if your not profitable via using the market breadth TICKI or TICK on the U.S trading instruments...

    There's a very good chance they aren't going to be profitable (not useful) for you while using them on the Hang Seng, DAX nor ESTX50 if such was available for use...

    Like TradeStation and there's others.

    With that said...if those market breadth indicators are critical to your trade methodology and you want to apply them to trading either the Hang Seng, DAX or ESTX50...

    Your going to need to learn how the ones for the U.S. markets are computed and then make your own via one of today's advancing realtime charting programs that allows for such.

    For example if you have some spare time...

    The TICK is basically the number of stocks that traded on an uptick, minus the number of stocks that traded on a downtick.

    The above basically produces your TICK graph.

    Next you create your own TICK for either Hang Seng, DAX or ESTX50 via knowing what stocks to monitor for each particular trading instrument.

    I'm sure there must be someone at ET or at some other forum that can provide you more accurate and in-depth info about the above.

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    I notice that Interactive Brokers carry the
    TICK-IBIS. Can anyone here shed any light on this?

    I get the impression that the DAX components are a subset of the this TICK-IBIS symbols.
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    Thanks NihabaAshi.

    The ESTX50 sounds like a trans-Europe index so getting access to so many markets sounds expensive, if it is just for this one indicator. I have already cobbled something using RadarScreen in 2000i to create a TICK. Each component stock is added into RadarScreen. I than added an indicator that reads every tick and updates a global memory DLL. I then create a symbol chart (in 1 tick), and add an indicator that reads all of global memory to calculate the TICK value.

    I only know of two 2000i sources for HK stocks, eSignal and Telequote. Unfortunately I use TWS as a feed so adding either eSignal or TQ is not very elegant. Hoping the HSI traders here have suggestions.

    Or maybe somebody has tried it and knows that a HSI TICK is not useful?!