HSI 1 minute data needed from 2003-2006

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  1. In return ,I will share owndata 2.5 \ hyperorder \TS8.2

    \hypertools patch with you
  2. Retief


  3. thank you retief
  4. what a pity

    they do not provide txt format data
  5. You could take a one month subscription to Sierra Chart (or even trial it for a week; its a great product, you might like it :)) and then use SC to export their data to text files.

  6. PM me, I will send you txt file.
    By the way, this market is very volatile, suitable for very experienced traders.

    Good trading
  7. another question

    where could I get 1 minute historical sgxnk data
  8. File has been sent. Let me know if you have received it.

  9. thank you trendtech

    I have received it
    #10     Jul 25, 2007