- 5.05% annual interest

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  1. thanks vm for the links. i've been neglectful no doubt. part of it is an irrational tendency to go for banks with brand equity. what would be nice is a truly universal margin acct that lets us purchase our treasuries and mm instruments directly side-by-side with trading
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    GMAC raised their rate to 5.10% and Emigrant is now officially at 5.15%. I agree about ING, they seem to be relying more on their advertising rather than keeping their rate competitive.

    I have accounts at GMAC, ED, ING and Citibank eSavings (5.0%) and haven't had any trouble tranferring money in or out of any of them. Some, like GMAC let you easily link many accounts including external checking and savings so you can create a full mesh of links between accounts. Others like ED make you send in a voided check to link additional accounts (yuck).

    They all use ACH tranfers, you give them the other banks account number, routing number and away you go. Not sure how you could have problems unless you changed your account number.
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    No minimum/ fees. Links w/ your checking account.
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