- 5.05% annual interest

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  2. Well Nick, you could look into ING, who bought Barings, but I think your previous @#$% up would prevent you from being accepted :)

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    The savings account chart isnt up-to-date. Emigrant Direct pays 5.15%, I believe that is currently the highest non-promo rate for an FDIC insured savings account without a minimum (whew, what a mouthful)

    GMAC is nice as well, 5.05% and they give you an ATM card and free checks (as well as free ACH transfers in and out).

    I have accounts at both of these.

    OP, I have no experience with HSBC but you might want to read these two threads:

    Edit: Also found this thread on UmbrellaBank, the main disadvantage seems to be that they don't offer ACH transfer from their end (if this thread is correct) :
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    GTS - according to Emigrant's website it is still 5%. As you may know from the Emigrant Direct message sent by way of mail (as well as the 10-digit access code for the restructured site), it will be 5.15% as of July 28, 2006.
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    My bad, you are right; I didn't even check when the new rate took effect when I got the mail (with the new access code), I just remembered the rate. Thanks for the correction.
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  7. Had INGDirect and Emigrant Savings. Just recently closed out both of them. Access to your money is not as easy as they make it believe. If you happen to change your checking account, expect some nonsense.

    I guess I learned that it does not really make sense to have your money over several bank accounts. I found early this year, and I think I'm just gonna stick with them. Good rate on a CHECKING account and some nice options with currency & precious metal accounts, all centralized. Check it out, they have some nice promo rates.
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    I've had a great experience with ING over the past few years. I send auto deposit to my savings with them weekly. Sending money back and forth is really easy, also many different ways to schedule sending/receiving. They are always working on new security features. Only downside is they are around 4.35% right now.
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  9. ING is a little dissapointing with the initially good rate followed by no competetive increases. Hydro, do you get that 5.5 at everbank?
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